We Provide Software Analysis And Development Solutions

We specialize in tailor-made solutions for our customers. We can help you define project requirements, architecture, and chose the right tools for achieving your goals, as well as provide implementation of a working system or application.
We have rigorous quality control process. All code passes through peer review before it is handed to the customer. All code is consistent with defined architecture and well documented.
Total knowledge can provide a project implementation, as well as on-going maintenance.

Embedded Software Development

Whenever you need to bring a new hardware platform up to a working state, or develop an SDK or BSP to provide to your customers, we can help.

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System and Kernel Development

If you need Linux ported to your platform or drivers written for your device - we are the people to do it for you.

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Client - Server Development

Whether there is a need for a server with a minimal footprint, or an ability to serve millions of client requests at the same time - we know how to build a system for you.

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Database Design and Development

Our experts can help you optimize your existing databases, or develop a new one, which fits your needs perfectly.

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Web Development

We have a team of web developers who can develop the most efficient back-end for your application, as well as excellent web designers, who will make it look beautiful.

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If you are interested in services Total Knowledge can provide or have any other questions, please send us your request.

We will make your project happen!