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Here, at Total Knowledge, we believe that Open Source software is going to prevail in the future. We devote as much as we can to its development and promotion. Below are some of the projects we run, sponsor, or contribute code to.

Total Knowledge projects

Logo Title Description Status
mod_plsql Apache Module for connecting to an Oracle RDBMS (API-compatible with Oracle Web Server PL/SQL cartridge) Production
CPPSERV Logo CPPSERV C++ Web Application server (Servlet-like engine) as well as CSP (C++ Server Pages). CPPSERV allows development of complex, yet very fast and compact web applications in C++. Combined with SPTK it gives wonderful combination of application server and database. CSP allows easy separation of business logic and presenation layers. Beta
  Kismet extensions and patches Kismet is a wireless network monitoring and analisys tool. As part of our own projects, we provide fixes and extensions to kismet.  
  Universe University Web application, which allows to create and study a course for any subject. The app allows unlimited hierarchy of topics, parallel explanations, problems with few types of solution control and other features. Functional Redesign.
Version 2

Sponsored projects

Logo Title Description Status
  Linux/MIPS Linux/MIPS related stuff N/A
  SPTK C++ development toolkit, which includes generic utilities for working with OS resources, XML parser, database abstraction layer with support for ODBC and native drivers for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. SPTK also contains great GUI framework, written on top of FLTK. Stable, under active development.
  School of Dialogue of Cultures The site is sponsored and customized by Total Knowledge and is based on Drupal content management system. It is devoted to building of the school of near future. The site is being localized in Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Development

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