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CPPSERV - Application server with Java Servlet-like API

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Below is a list of things that need (or just would be nice) to be done. Eventually this should be moved over to bug tracker.


These are things (listed in no particular order) which need to be done before we can produce something we call 1.0.
  • Configuration verification tool (perhaps DTD for the config file?)
  • Test suit needs to be re-written
    • Rewrite to use flood http testing framework
    • Support of unit tests for every single API function
    • Support for realistic load testing
    • Support for some neat-looking benchmarks :)
  • Make sure HttpServletRequest::getServletPath() and HttpServletRequest::getPathInfo() work properly with both Apache and lighttpd modules
  • Clean up documentation (both Doxygen and on-line guides)


These are some ideas for new features, which will be added once we have proper 1.0 out
  • Add own HTTP handler implementation (perhaps import something like thttpd)
  • As an alternative, look into making CPPSERV a lighttpd module, with ability to get data directly from lighttpd connections (problem: lighttpd can run as multi-process server, which isn't acceptable for CPPSERV)
  • Make actual output (and perhaps even input) handled asynchronously on different thread then it's generation. This will allow to free up threads for actual processing, even if client isn't reading for some reason. Not as important while there is front end server handling all of interactions with clients, but once we add our own handler (and even with front end server, if we are generating a lot of output) it's going to be real important.
  • Add ability to have different connection protocol handlers
  • Add AJP protocol Logo

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