Total Knowledge: CPPSERV - Application server with Java Servlet-like API

CPPSERV - Application server with Java Servlet-like API

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There are two mailing lists associated with CPPSERV project:

  • (archive): a list dedicated to discussion of CPPSERV development as well as to CPPSERV support.
  • (archive): a list where commit notifications are sent.

Lists are managed using ezmlm list manager. In order to post to cppserv mailing list you have to be a subscriber. Subscribing is easy: just send an email to and follow instructions in the reply. For further information about mailing list commands send an email to

If you have any questions regarding installation of CPPSERV, building CPPSERV applications, or any suggestions regarding CPPSERV or CSP development, please feel free to contact the mailing list.

There is also a CPPSERV discussion channel. Come to #cppserv on and talk to us. Logo

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